Nellagy aims to inspire Other, not only with his music but with his actions.


With his MOOD Music motto that stands for “Making Our Own Dreams,” Nellagy aims to inspire the youth, not only with his music but with his actions. Currently, Nellagy is fresh off the release of his latest single “Shameless” which premiered on Philadelphia’s renowned hip-hop publication, HipHopSince1987, and will be followed by a music video in the near future. This release is a commentary of his life and shows his transition from being a timid, reserved kid from Delaware who followed others and followed trends, to being a more outgoing yet independent person. 

Born Gregory Allen Spencer II, Nellagy was first introduced to music at a very young age which is expected from a kid who grew up with a father who is also an experienced musician and songwriter. His father ended up starting a record label with his mother, and Nellagy stumbled upon his knack for songwriting out of pure curiosity when he got a hold of his father's production equipment as a teen.

Since then, Nellagy has released three projects, Appearance Ain't Everything (2012) under the name “Aye Gee”; That's How I Do (2014) and #Nellagenius (2015). All are available on major streaming outlets, each project showing more growth than the one before. Nellagy encourages his fans to be themselves and focus on building healthy relationships.

“I wanted to express the fact that, one step at a time, I am truly finding out who I am. Overall this project would look to promote my fans to be themselves, build their own confidence, and build healthy instead of toxic relationships.” - Nellagy